The Chandelier Chiner Team

In addition to our core team, we leverage a range of other trusted professionals in the industry for their expertise in different jobs.
This access to the finest manufacturers, glass blowers, electricians and repairmen is what makes Chandelier Chiner so unique.

The Wise One

John Halloran

John is the Proprietor of Chandelier Chiner. He brings over 40 years of experience with chandeliers – now that‘s not bad at all! He’s the one with the contacts, the knowledge and the wisdom to manage even the most difficult jobs.

The Agile One

Dan Halloran

Dan, son of John, has learnt the chandelier trade from his father for over 20 years. You’ll find Dan up the top of the highest ladder, doing the most delicate work or strategising his plan of attack on some of the biggest chandeliers across Melbourne.

The Arty One

Faan Halloran

Faan, daughter-in-law of John, brings a unique value to Chandelier Chiner. Her keen eye for detail and design, strong work ethic and friendly nature are appreciated by all of Chandelier Chiner’s clients. Faan has 5 years experience with chandeliers and is now moving into her own chandelier design range – soon to be produced and sold exclusively in our shop!